The Cherokee APT raises money each year to support the growing needs in our school. This includes funding for teachers' aides, reading and math Specialists, classroom supplies and technology updates. Each and every child reaps the benefits of your support for our school and the assistance we can bring into the classroom helps our teachers reach every student. 

The Fitness Challenge is Cherokee’s only child-led fundraiser and we appreciate all of your help and support!
On Friday, February 9th the students will be participating in our annual event!
They will be building strong and healthy hearts in recognition of your generosity and support!

Thank you for your help in making this Fitness Challenge Fundraiser a huge success!
Parents and guardian’s, If you would like to help out with this event we are still looking for volunteers and we value your help. 
Please use the following link to volunteer:

All Pledges are due Wednesday February 14th by the end of the school day and online donations will close at midnight. 

Also, join us as we kick things off at the Disco Dance Party which takes place in the School Cafe at 5:30 pm on January 26th!